Corona virus (covid-19) health and safety protocols.

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We hope you have been safe during this trying period of the covid-19 pandemic. The last eight months have been so challenging, although global efforts to find vaccines have been underway. Also, guidelines on how to reduce covid-19 have been realized. It continues to be a threat and has really affected the tourism industry in Kenya and Africa. Good enough, The president of Kenya announced the re-opening of the economy on 6th July 2020, allowing international flights to resume on 1st august 2020 and re-opening the gates to our terrestrial protected areas. 

Is it safe to travel to Kenya amidst this corona virus pandemic? Answer is a big YES

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) certified Kenya with a safe travel stamp and named among 80 travel destinations globally. Following safari standard operating procedures (SOP) it is our duty to observe covid-19 health protocols and procedures to make our safari dream come true.

At Kashipa adventures we have assembled a number of health and safety guidelines and protocols ensuring that Kenya is a safe destination for tourism. They include:

Staff and offices.

  • Covid 19 tests for our staff

All our staff members have a valid covid-19 free certificate for not more than 14days old from a recognized and approved hospitals. We also observe procedures and guidelines prescribed by the Ministry of health and World health organization (WHO).

  • Face masks and hand sanitizers

The WHO has advised the use of medical face mask which help in prevention and spreading of corona virus. Our staff are required to wear masks while at the office and in public places. Guides/drivers are required to wear them throughout the trip. Hand washing facilities with running water and soap are placed at strategic places. The use of hand sanitizers is recommended as many times as possible.

  • Contactless thermometer for body temperature check is available for both staff and guests
  • Maintaining appropriate and reliable list of emergency contacts for assistance in case of health related concerns.
  • We have visitors/guests register including physical address and contacts to keep updated
  • All staff have been educated about the use of face masks, washing hands, and sanitizing before and after entering office premises
  • Some of our staff members are required to work from home and only come to office where necessary.

Safari operations and transfers

Game Drives

Clients will have a dedicated guide and vehicle throughout their stay. Maximum of seven people will be allowed in one vehicle to observe social distancing as directed by the ministry of health. Our vehicle shall be fumigated before and after safari. Washable or removable head cover fabrics shall be used. A guide will be in charge of opening and closing the doors and responsible for cleanliness and hygiene of the vehicle. Seat steaming shall be used to clean covers, hand sanitizers, masks will be available in the vehicle at all times. Remember to wear your masks throughout the trip.

To ensure safety we have checked with all our partners (camps, hotels and lodges) for covid-19 standard operation procedure and they comply with the ministry of health and world health organization standards.

All guests are required to have a negative PCR test result within 72 hours that is from the date when the test was carried out until the date of arrival. Travelers health surveillance form is also required to be allowed in and out of the country. These forms are submitted online but it’s also important to print out the hard copy. Please check on the governments’ travel guidelines before departure to avoid inconveniences.

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