Mt. Kenya Sirimon Route, Up Sirimoni down Sirimoni

5 Days
4 Nights
From USD 1000 pp

Mt. Kenya stands majestically at 5,199 meters above sea level, being Africa’s second-highest mountain. This snow-capped giant boasts a diverse ecosystem of rare flora and fauna, glaciers, valleys, and peaks.  With several routes leading to the summit, choosing the right one can make all the difference.

The Sirimon Route, a path less traveled, The Sirimon Route is about 42km long and takes approximately 4- 5 days to complete. The first day involves a 9km trek from Sirimon Gate to Old Moses camp, followed by a 14km trek from Old Moses camp to Shipton’s camp on the second day. The third day involves a trek from Shipton’s to Mackinder’s Hut and a descend back to Shipton’s and this is the time for acclimatization.

This route provides a gradual and gentle ascent, allowing climbers to acclimatize naturally, enjoy breathtaking scenery, and experience the magic of Mt. Kenya. It offers a varied terrain landscape, with climbers passing through dense bamboo forests, heather zones, moorland and rocky ridges, valleys, and glaciers. The route also offers stunning views of the Gorges Valley, the Mackinder Valley, the Nelion and Batian peaks, and the highest points on Mount Kenya. This hike is usually rated as the easiest among the short trips and is quite popular with persons attempting to reach an altitude exceeding 4000m for the first time.

From $1000

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