Mgahinga National Park


The park where silver meets gold. The home to three Virunga mountains, Mt. Gahinga, Mt. Muhavura and Mt. Sabyinyo.

  1. The incredible Mt. Sabyinyo where you visit three countries without a visa. The mountain has three peaks. The slopes of Mt. Sabinyo are a habitat for critically endangered mountain gorilla and beautiful bamboo forest.
  2. Mt. Gahinga has a swampy caldera on its peak. The caldera is believed to be about 180m (591 feet) wide.
  3. Mt Muhabura stands at an elevation of 4,127 m above sea level and the highest among the two volcanoes Sabyinyo and Gachinga. Hiking Muhabura gives adventurous experience there is a crater lake near the summit and the vegetation is usually drier than in other areas of the volcanoes.