Tsavo East National Park


It is the largest and oldest park situated in a semi-arid grassland and savanna. It has great herds of elephant roaming in the red-dust soil and the 1.6 KM whale-backed Mudada rock. The spectacular man-made dam “Aruba dam”, the Lugard falls, Yatta Plateau and walking along the Galana river is incredibly exciting. This 11,747 square kilometers wilderness is known as one of the greatest biodiversity sites in the world. Not only is it home to plentiful wildlife, but it also features some breathtaking attractions like the Yatta Plateau, Athi-Galana-Voi-Tsavo Rivers, Lugards Falls, and many others. Tsavo East National Park is somewhere you can enjoy seeing mighty elephants with huge tusks, buffalo herds, impalas, zebras, graceful giraffes, warthogs, lions, and more in their most pure and unhurried, and in relative solitude. However, because Tsavo East plays a key role in Kenya’s wildlife conservation, especially the rehabilitation of orphan elephants, there are only a few accommodations set up in strategic locations in the park. Nevertheless, the available tented camps and lodges offer varying degrees of luxury to accommodate any visitor.