Safari in Masaai Mara National Reserve.

The famous Masai Mara is one of the finest wildlife viewings in Kenya. And locally known as “the Mara”, Is one of the most popular, diverse, and spectacular wildlife destinations in Africa. Located in the southwestern part of Kenya. And bounded by Serengeti national park in Tanzania to the west. It is named in honor of the ancestral inhabitants of the area,” the Masaai people” who in their local language described the area as Mara “means spotted”. Because of the many short trees, grassy plains that make the landscape. It covers an area of 1510 square km (580sq m). It is the northernmost section of the Mara –Serengeti ecosystem. Which covers 25000 km (9700 sq. m) in both Tanzania and Kenya. The climate is pleasantly warm during the day and cools at night throughout the year. Masai Mara has two rainy seasons. That is, the long rains from March to may last for 6weeks to 8weeks. The short rains from November-December last approximately 4weeks.

Game drive in Masaai Mara.


A lifetime experience either in a hot air balloon or 4*4 jeep. Spectacular views, landscapes, and the beauty of the savanna. Get close to the wildlife in their natural habitats and explore the riches of Masai Mara. Encounter the African lions who live in groups called” the pride”. And all big five members (elephants, black and white rhino, Cape buffalo, and leopard). Large groups of Hippos and crocodiles in Mara and Trek Rivers. And the millions of wildebeest migration (the words natural spectacle). Cheetah (the fastest mammal), zebras, antelopes, giraffe. And the nocturnal bat-eared fox among others. Birds including lilac-breasted roller, vultures, marabou storks among others. At Kashipa adventures, game drives are for early in the morning and in the evening. Or you can decide to take a full day game drive with your picnic and enjoy it at the riverside.

A visit to the Masai village

This tour gives you an in-depth experience of authentic Masaai culture and tradition. You have seen them in pictures. Wearing their red blue-purple, and green pattern of their shukas. Women with bright beaded jewelry, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Men with their spears wearing beaded bands on their wrists, ankles, waists and neck. Visit the Masai village to learn more about their music and dance. Homestead and labor, and all their traditions

Wildebeest migration.


It is the greatest show on earth, and one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The wildebeest migration is a dynamic circle of the wildlife movement throughout the year. Millions of animals including. Thomson gazelles, impalas, zebras, and elands follow different routes to the same destination. Across Serengeti national park in Tanzania and Masai Mara national reserve in Kenya. The crossing of the Mara River from Serengeti that happens from late July to September. Is the most incredible moment to see the wildebeest migration? Take a tour to Masai Mara and experience the great show of the world. Contact Kashipa adventures for the best wildebeest migration safari

Accommodation in Masai Mara.

Travel accommodation in masaai Mara

There are over 100 accommodation facilities in five zones. the northern, eastern, western, southern, and central masaai Mara. very comfortable, spacious lodges and tented camps.

indifferent categories ranging from luxury, midrange, and budget accommodations. with different room types including. deluxe, double, single, and triple rooms comfortable for travelers. also camping sites both private and public designated within masaai Mara reserve

The camps and lodges have breathtaking views. the village setting is soothing and a nice place to relax. well equipped tents, with super comfortable beds, hot showers. very friendly staff, the food is so fantastic. dinner includes; typical African cuisine, international food, healthy breakfast, and lunch.

Contact us at Kashipa adventures. to choose for you the right accommodation that suits your budget.

The airstrip in Masai Mara

Masai Mara national reserve can be accessed by both road and air transport. Being in the wilderness, masaai Mara has no airport rather many airstrips with domestic scheduled flights operating from Wilson airport Nairobi to masaai Mara. A flying distance of one hour facilitated by many flight companies. Including; Kenya air, safari link which has flights on a daily basis. Each region in the masaai Mara has got at least one airstrip. so depending on where your accommodation is. You should take into account to choosing the right airstrip to use.

The following are airstrips in masaai Mara distributed in different zones

Masaai Mara kichwa Tembo airstrip. located on the north most region of masaai Mara national reserve

Masaai Mara Keekorok airstrip. located southeast of masaai Mara national reserve

Masaai Mara OL kiombo airstrip is located north of Telek River

Masaai Mara Musiara airstrip is located in the northernmost region of the reserve

Masaai Mara buffalo airstrip

Masaai Mara oleseki airstrip

Masaai Mara cottars airstrip

Masaai Mara Serena airstrip

Masai Mara Olare orok airstrip

So, for clients who don’t like traveling a long distance by road transport while on vacation? Contact Kashipa adventures to book your domestic flights.

When is the best time to visit masaai Mara Kenya?


Masai Mara is known for its wildlife viewing. Because of its abundant wildlife all year around, a visit to masaai Mara depends on what you want to do or see because of climatic changes and weather. But the best time to visit Masai Mara is during dry season. Vegetation is thinner and wildlife viewing is easier. That is from late June to October, Rainy seasons. Make some of the roads difficult to access, that is, (March April, may, November and December). See below to learn seasons of different months.

Best time, dry season (June, July, august, September, October) and January to February. Days are sunny. Fewer mosquitoes. With the absence of rain, the vegetation is less dense so animals can be spotted while on a game drive. This is considered the best world life viewing months. During this season. International tourist level is high. So the prices tend to be higher compared to other seasons.

Low season, (March, April and May) wet season. These months receive high amount of rainfall. The green savanna make Africa landscape stunning and beautiful, good scenery. It is also good for bird watching. When migrant birds arrive to the blooming trees and flowers that create food and shelter. During this season. 1000 animals give birth and visitors travelling in this season enjoy reduced prices. Some lodges and camps in high rainfall areas close down. During March to May rains can be continuous.

Best weather June to October little to no rainfall

Worst weather, March April may.

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