Lake Manyara


Lake Manyara is a shallow alkaline lake at an altitude of 960m (3,150 ft.) Located 126km (78mi) southwest of Arusha, the park has a variety of diverse habitats, rivers flowing off the escarpment, and perennial springs, with over 670 flowering plants and fern species, the forests and woodland areas are supported by groundwater. the lake is famous for flocks of flamingoes both lesser and greater that fed along edges of the lake and many other bird species including pink-backed pelican, yellow-billed stork, Marabou stork, grey heron, palm-nut vulture, Ayres’s hawk-eagle, and a large concentration of mammals including hippopotamus, warthog, elephant, cape buffalo, and migratory mammals including Thompson gazelles, and grants gazelle, wildebeest, impala among others and over 180 species of butterflies. Discover Lake Manyara,” the prettiest and loveliest park in Tanzania,” Ernest Hemingway said so.