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Our Story

Kashipa Adventures: Your Gateway to Happiness! Based in Nairobi, Kenya, ‘Kashipa’ is a unique Maasai word, meaning ‘I’m happy.’
At Kashipa Adventures, our unwavering love and passion for adventure serve as our constant inspiration. We relish every experience and embrace the beauty that life has to offer, cherishing the opportunity to pursue our passions daily.

The thrill of exploring new countries, cultures, and environments is undeniably exhilarating. For us at Kashipa, it’s not just about being in the travel business; it’s about making a real and meaningful difference in people’s lives. We take immense pride in providing our customers with outstanding services, and we’re truly delighted to guarantee an exceptional experience. Come, explore with us, and live your dream.

Message From CEO

At Kashipa Adventures, our unwavering commitment is to craft extraordinary travel experiences. We don’t simply lead you on an incredible adventure; we ensure that every facet of your journey is seamlessly managed. We meticulously attend to every detail, allowing you to savor every moment without any hassle. Our paramount goal is to treat each customer with the utmost dedication and responsibility, fostering a sense of trust in our services that’s reflected through their enthusiastic recommendations.

Our Team



“Because of the diverse training opportunities and support available at Kashipa Adventures has made me the best Tour consultant I can be, in terms of performance, service delivery and teamwork”.



“Since joining kashipa adventures in 2020, I have had many opportunities to build on my skills leading to a fantastic career opportunities. Training and teamwork has enabled me to be successful with my sales targets”



Edward Mathu has over 10 years in the safari industry, he has worked with some of the best Travel Agencies in Kenya and East Africa . His knowledge, passion and discipline for his work, makes him an excellent tour guide.

Our strategy is to grow and continue to provide excellent services to our customers and partners through volunteering and visiting natural habitats. Kashipa strives to be the most successful respected and leading tour company in Kenya hence promoting and sustaining a positive image in Africa’s tourism industry.