A visit to Maasai village.

This immersive, fascinating, tour. gives you an in-depth experience of authentic Maasai culture and tradition. over the years Maasai have roamed this land of Kenya and Tanzania. and their traditional land comprise much of Kenya national parks. Masai are semi-nomadic people with distinctive customs and dress code. the blue, red, purple, and green color patterns of the shukas they wear. comprise strongly of green nature. Women with intricate jewelry of many colors. beaded earrings, necklaces, amulets and many bracelets,. tall men with their spears (check Kashipa adventures logo). wearing beaded bands on their wrist, ankles, waists, and neck represent their tradition.

On this safari vacation. you can visit a typical Masai home village, learn about their way of living, tradition, and culture

Music and dance

You will get a warm traditional welcome from Masai warriors (Moran) with songs and dance. The big smile on their faces as they dance to the tunes of their own voices. jumping higher and higher to the rhythm of the singers. and several long notes will then be sounded on an eland horn. and dancing in a circular formation one person at the center while holding their sticks high. it becomes so interesting when a Masai warrior picks you to jump with him at the center. don’t hesitate to try to have fun.

Extraordinary Homestead (manyatta) and labor

Masai lives in small huts arranged in a circular fashion. women are responsible for the construction of the houses locally called Inkajijik. loaf-shaped huts made of mud, cow dug, grass sticks, and cows urine. the structure is usually 3*5m and 1.5 tall. it is shared by single-family, it’s where they sleep. prepare meals, eat, socialize and sometimes share with small livestock. while men fence the surrounding area. using acacia thorns to prevent the lion from attacking cattle. manyatta is a Maasai word meaning traditional village.

Living a semi-nomadic lifestyle. the Masai tribe has modernized in some ways but. still adhere to their traditional culture. the women who create beadwork. to them, handcraft is not just an ornament value for their tradition. they also sell these items to tourists and use the money to make self-help groups. and more so; Maasai village visit provides a valuable contribution to the community. they use finances to construct boreholes. and other projects beneficial to the community including schools,health centres.

Let us plan for you a visit to masai village. on your Kashipa adventures safari. to Maasai Mara game reserve or Amboseli national park. contact us.

The cost is $20 per person. payable to the village chief or representative. ask your guide to make arrangements for you.check masai mara packages

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