Travel for Everyone

If asked, to be honest “I would have considered the topic of disability too soft, pity and empathy. However, someone (Euan Lorant) who is much younger than me changed my perspective on mobility impairment completely. He made me realize how travelling shouldn’t be exclusively for the able bodied but also people with mobility impairment. Now more than ever we (kashipa adventures) are committed to making travel widely accessible, regardless of ability or disability,

Enable and empower people to explore and experience the world without limits because no human is limited. This world has a lot to offer from different cultures, environment, language and new food and positivity about life.

Make travelling easier and providing amazing holiday safaris for people with any disability, reduced mobility or anybody that wants a great holiday tour/safari, if joining a group trip is not practical we are able to provide you with private safaris.

We are proud to offer accessible friendly safaris/tours in East Africa. We strive to ensure that every client has a holiday that they will remember for years to come. Our stress-free tailored holidays are suitable for everyone; independent travelers, couple getaways, family holidays or a group of friends.

Responsible travel

Responsible business is at the heart of what we do as the tour Agency, we are all about operating in a responsible manner and constitute principles of sustainable tourism. Kashipa adventures is interested in making a real difference by investing in human rights initiatives ,local communities, wildlife conservation and the environment projects

We provide our travelers with real-life experiences, these values are implanted in the culture and daily operations, and we make it easier by building responsible travel fundamentals into each and every one of every safari.


Accessible Safaris /Tours

We create custom accessible holidays for people with all types of mobility issues including wheel chair, cane and walker users and senior traveler. When you travel with us you will receive assistance from the moment you arrive at the destination to departure time. All travelers with a variety of requirements, including cane users, slow walkers and wheelchair users, we provide accessible information on tourist attractions and the accessible travel will be tailor made to your desires. Trip will be designed to your manual wheelchair, power wheel chair, or other accessibility need. Accessible tours include accessible step free tour routes, professionally-licensed tour guides (in destinations where licensing is provided) and emergency support for accessibility problems.

Accessible hotels/accommodation

One of the primary concerns for the disabled travelers is finding a hotel that is really accessible, kashipa adventures has researched accessible hotels that have wheel chair access entrance, elevator accessible designed hotel bathrooms , the information provide covers of the accessibility details a slow walker or wheel chair user will need. We provide you with a selection of accessible hotels to choose from so you stay at the perfect hotel for you.

Accessible Transport

Accessible jeep transfers with a wheelchair ramp or wheelchair lift to transfer individuals between a variety of airports/ hotels/game drives and train stations.

Accessible Escorted Group Travel and care package

When you travel with us you will receive assistance from the moment you reach the destination, to the time you depart. Each accessible escorted vacation will be guided by Travel guides/ employee to handle all the travel logistics and our care package includes a carer assisting you throughout the holidays, whether you need someone to push the wheelchair for you, assistance with your personal hygiene, getting ready in the morning among others. However this will be done on request and an extra fee will be included.

Accessible land packages

Our guides  have the expertise and knowledge about accessible Packages including  accessible accommodation in an exclusive, hand-picked hotel conveniently located for everyone, accessible transfers, wheelchair friendly guided tours and much more!.

Disability expertise

We know where you can and also where you can’t go.

Precisely because we have that much experience and have visited almost everything ourselves, we always give clear and honest advice so that you know exactly where you stand

Facilities for all

From pools, beaches, parking facilities, toilets, spas sunbeds, having adapted and inclusive facilities makes all the difference between an OK holiday and an incredible one.


1. How do you guarantee that your tours are accessible

We only give objective information and every location is examined personally or by someone instructed to examine a location before we feature them to guarantee they meet our high standards. Additionally, we always make pictures at the locations we visit so we can provide you with the pictures if you wish.

2. Is Kenya accessible for people with disability?

This is a very difficult question to answer. Accessibility involves particular places and people. It cannot be generalized for a country, city, neighborhood or even a building. Each person needs different kinds of access. A person can have a physical disability, visual or hearing impairment, be chronically sick, be pregnant, be senior or have children.

3. Can I request anything that is not on the website? 

Yes you can, we will be glad to help.

4. I haven’t travelled for long distances, will it be okay?

We have designed our accessible safaris so that anyone can enjoy them, we understand how difficult it is going on a holiday with a disability, and feel free to join us let us experience this beautiful world together by taking care of barriers.

5. How do I know that all my requirements will be catered for?

Before booking you can have a chat with one of our trusted team members to discuss your requirements ask questions our team will be here to guide you.

6. How do I book my disabled friendly holidays?

Please contact us to speak with our trusted members for all the information you might need.