Giving back to The Community

While anyone can certainly participate in community service, and every contribution is important, we believe businesses can and should make a larger impact than single individuals

Since the beginning, we have worked to create businesses that only leave a positive footprint. Generally, giving back and investing time and resources to help people is our inspiration. It can be as little as buying food for someone who needs a meal, as little as a simple act of kindness, or providing a moment of hope or happiness to someone. the world is a better place when we all give as Winston Churchill says, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

As leaders in sustainability, we’ve integrated environmental and social best practices into every aspect of our businesses.

Working with community in Kenya

To us, sustainability is about more than just a carbon footprint; it’s also about working with local communities to ensure their lives are improved by tourism, and that they can carry on the work we started. For years, we have consulted with local leaders to ensure that Kashipa Adventures and their guests are not just touring on Kenyan landscapes, but also positively impacting the lives of Kenyan people.


On-going Projects:

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