Entebbe – Mgahinga – Bwindi impenetrable.

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Mount Muhabura is also known as Muhabura stands at 4127 meters above sea level, with a crater lake at the summit, separated from mount Gahinga by a swamp, it also has a cone-like shape with volcanic ash, MT Muhabura offers opportunities to spot different bird species and mammals like buffaloes, elephants, and mountain gorillas .hiking mount Muhabura is not a joke its very challenging so it requires individuals with hiking experience and good fitness level because it demands plenty of effort since it is very steep and yet one requires to complete the hike in one day which takes 5- m8 hours round trip so it is best to take a comfortable pace to avoid excessive straining of the ankles knee and feet. Ensure you have a light pack to avoid excessive weight.

Gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable forest also involves hiking through difficult terrain, thick vegetation, water bodies which means you have to be reasonably fit. You also need good hiking boots, hiking socks/gaiters, a long-sleeve top, waterproof clothing, sunscreen, a walking stick, gardening gloves, insect repellent, high energy snacks and bottles of water.

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